Section review format (section13.2 p. 689 -694) minimum 300 words

    2 pages due midnight

Section Review Format (Section13.2 p. 689 -694) Minimum 300 words

Read the Section in its entirety.

1.Summarize the Section.

2.Answer the review questions (6 questions)

3.Discuss at least two lessons you learned.

Opening Vignette Format (p. 727-728) Minimum 300 words

1.Answer the Vignette questions. (6 questions)

2.Discuss how the Vignette relates to the chapter’s topic

3.Discuss at least two lessons you learned

It is the same type of assignment as last time, which was well done. As a reminder, you are allowed to use the book as a reference here and there like you did on the last assignment if you would like too. However, the reference (book) can only be used after you answered the question on your own words just to reinforce your answers.


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