Self-assessment tests m3 | Operations Management homework help

Please begin this assignment by reviewing the section concerning Self-Assessment Tests on pages 16-21 in the course syllabus.  This section covers information on your rights as a participant in the Self-Assessment Tests and what to do if you would prefer to skip one or more questions on a given test, plus guidelines on writing a suitable response.  See also Appendix B in the syllabus for helpful examples of excellent SAT responses. 

With all of the self-assessment tests from the book, there are no correct answers in terms of right or wrong. Be as honest as you can in answering the questions so that you can better understand yourself and your behavior related to leadership.


If you answered “Y” (or Yes) to the first three questions, you have developed some skill in this area. Your answer to the fourth question indicates whether you intend to further develop your skill in learning people’s names. The choice is your choice to make.


Respond with whether or not you enjoy meeting people who work in your preferred professional area. In a one-page (maximum) argument, explain in more detail the meaning of these scores to you. Take a look at Chapter One for additional information regarding this self-assessment test. Make at least three assertions about the meaning(s) of this self-assessment test to you and support them with example(s). Write a convincing case that presents a strong defense for your argument.

When you complete your analysis, be sure to submit your assignment response using the Self-Assessment Test Submittal Tool. Please submit all responses for Self-Assessment Tests due this week using separate copies of the form, available on the Module 1 introduction page.

Please do not forget to include references/citations in your work.