Service management customer experience and user experience

I need a draft on the service management topic. It must be 2000 words.  Before 23:59 pm, Thursday 29 September  2022. It must be typed down in provided template. It must be with in-text references and the bibliography in Harvard’s citation style.  Any plagiarism is forbidden. 

The core question – CX and UX. Discuss the importance of Service Design and specifically how Service design improves both Customer Experience and User Experience. Detail how both CX and UX benefit from Service Design.  

The secondary topics that could be used to, only, compliment the core question

• understanding the experience economy as a development of the service economy; 

• categorizing the main elements of the service package model; 

• critically evaluating the strategic role of service management within organizations; 

• describing the main components of service design and operations. 

It must also meet as close as possible those parameters: 

The student demonstrates an excellent understanding of key concepts and uses vocabulary in an entirely appropriate manner.

The student applies fully relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class.

The student critically assesses in excellent ways, drawing outstanding conclusions from relevant authors. 

The student communicates their ideas extremely clearly and   concisely, respecting word count, grammar and spellcheck

I have attached the template for the draft and useful sources.