Set Up Thermodynamic Cycle

Set up a thermodynamic cycle for determining the enthalpy of hydration of Ca2+ ions using the following data: enthalpy of sublimation of Ca (s), + 178.2 k] mol-1, first and second ionization enthalpies of Ca (g), 589.7 k] mol-1 and 1145 k] mol-1: enthalpy of vaporization of bromine, +30.91 kJ mol-1; dissociation enthalpy of Br2(g), + 192.9 k] mol-1; electron gain enthalpy of Br (g), -331.0 k] mol-1: enthalpy of solution of CaBr2(s), -103.1 k] mol-1: enthalpy of hydration of Br- (g), -337 k] mol -1.

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