Sociology/ sociological concepts analysis/ 1 page paper/ apa style/no


Please be sure to read the requisite chapter and review the PowerPoints for this part of the course.  It may also be useful to refresh your memory from any of the other chapters the can be applied to this discussion.

Please do the research, if you do not already know, to find out whom are the Congressional senators/representatives for your district. 

Please read the following article:

Please read the following report:



Having completed the above, please respond to the following prompts for this discussion using 2-4 clear, concise, and complete sentences per prompt:

1. What is the ONE global, national, and/or local issue of most concern to you at this time? (NOTE:  This is an application of the concept of the sociological imagination.) (Gun Violence, Racism and Abortion etc…)

2. Briefly, how did you come to be concerned about this issue?  What agents of socialization/social institutions (family, peers, schools, media, religion, government) have impacted your thinking about this issue?

3. Who represents you in Congress?  Where do they stand with regard to your issue from part a above?  (NOTE:  Check their website for information.)

Mr  C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger (Democrat) 

4. Have you ever contacted your Congressperson(s)?  If so, how, and what was the result?  If not, what would it take for you to do so?


BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR ANSWERS AND USE APA IN-TEXT CITATIONS TO CREDIT YOUR SOURCES.  Please remember, a grade of “0” will be earned for plagiarism.

Please be sure to use 2-4 clear, concise, and complete sentences per prompt.