Socw 6121 week 2 – discussion 1: family assessment | SOCW 6121 – Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice II | Walden University


Discussion 1: Family Assessment

The first step in helping a client is conducting a thorough assessment. The clinical social worker must explore multiple perspectives in order to develop a complete understanding of the situation. From this understanding, the social worker is able to recognize the client’s strengths and develop effective strategies for change.

For this Discussion, review the “Cortez Family” case history.

Provide a 250-word Discussion Post covering the following topics, content, and headings:

–  A description of how micro-, mezzo-, or macro-levels of practice aid social workers in assessing families. 

– Assess Paula Cortez’s situation using all three of these levels of practice

– Identify two strengths and/or solutions in each of these levels.

– Describe the value in strength-based solutions.

Must contain at least 3 references and citations from the Learning Resources defined above being certain to reference each resource.