Somatic Cells Of Chimpanzee Contain 48 Chromosomes

Somatic cells of chimpanzee contain 48 chromosomes . How many chromatids and chromosomes are present at anaphase of mitosis, anaphase I meiosis, anaphase II of meiosis, g1 prior to mitosis,g2 prior to mitosis, g1 prior to meiosis I, and prophase of meiosis I?How many chromatids or chromosomes are present in an oogonial cell prior to S phase, a spermatid, a primary oocyte arrested prior to fertilization, a second polar body, and a chimpanzee sperm?

Somatic cells of chimpanzee contain 48 chromosomes. How many chromatids andchromosomes are present at:Anaphase of mitosis, 48 96 Anaphase i meiosis, 48 96 Anaphase ii of meiosis, 24 48 G1 prior…

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