Sowk- social policy and social welfare this paper is using a pending

 Sowk- Social policy and social welfare
This paper is using a pending pill form the Maryland General Assembly Website in relation to a previous paper I will provide. Since the topic of the last paper was head start programs I had an idea of using bills in relation to transportation for these programs because not all of them provide it. You don’t necessarily have to use it if you have a better idea. You only have to follow directions from the memo section of the prompt.

its 3pages single spaced so i need 6 pages double spaced

Hi! so I’ll give you the link to the Maryland General Assembly website.… I was thinking about the first two bills after doing research about head start programs and seeing that they aren’t required to provide it. But to work the website, you just need to type something in up top. The link is what came up when I typed in Head Start