Statisitics ap project | Statistics homework help

The first task is to decide on an appropriate and interesting question to investigate. Part of answering the question must involve a hypothesis test, confidence interval, and/or regression.

You may collect your data via an observational study, a survey, or an experiment. If you choose a study, you must obtain your data through firsthand sources.

You must use at least 40 pieces of data.

  • Describe the question you wish to investigate.
  • Diagram and explain the design of your observational study, survey, or experiment. Include all steps taken to reduce confounding and bias. Describe how you will conduct this study. Be specific about how you will set up and perform all steps.
  • Explain the criteria you will use to draw conclusions. Include any assumptions you will need to make.

Your final report should include the following:

  • Tables and graphical presentations, as appropriate for your study. Clearly label what data are displayed.
  • A description of any deviations you made from your initial description of the data-collection process.
  • A description of any bias present, even after your attempts to eliminate it.
  • An appropriate inference procedure, used to answer the initial question you posed, along with an interpretation of the result.
  • Conclusions you are able to draw from this procedure.
  • If you worked in a pair, include a list of all the specific duties each partner completed. Each partner is expected to contribute equally to this project.

The report must have the following attributes:

  • It must be in pdf format. Use an application such as Equation Editor or Math Type for mathematical expressions, equations, and symbols.
  • It must have a cover page that includes all pertinent information.
  • All symbols you use must be defined in context. All formulas must be shown and set up.
  • Graphs and tables must be neat, labeled, and accurate. Graphs may be either hand drawn or computer generated.
  • Do not use or show “Calculator-Speak.” (For example: “I then used LinReg L1, L3 to find the equation.”)

All projects will be graded according to the above guidelines.

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