Statistic 7

 you will create an interesting problem using the binomial probability formula. You must make up the situation yourself (no finding problems on the internet or elsewhere). In fact, your classmates and I must be entertained. It must also satisfy these conditions: Your n (number of trials) must be between 8 and 12 and the problem must require at least 2 “x” values. Here is a sample problem: It is known in the International Brotherhood of Clowns (IBC) that 67% of clowns own a flower that shoots water in the face of someone who wants to smell it. If I pick 11 clowns at random from the IBC, what is the probability that more than 8 of them would own a flower that shoots water?

Note: to find the answer you would need to calculate P(9), P(10), and P(11) and add them together. Once you create your situation, you must reply to another student and solve their problem. You must include p, q, n, and all the x values, explaining your answer but not having to type the formula out.

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