Strategy, strategic change, and strategic policy

Pre-selected articles relevant to strategy, strategic change, and strategic policy are assigned to your team as follows:

In a PowerPoint-supported presentation of six (6) to ten (10) minutes, summarize the important points and key takeaways from the article and present to the class in the most effective form of sharing the knowledge. Watch Adding VoiceOvers to PowerPoint video [9:51] for instructions

For reference, be sure to include the name of the article, author’s name, publication title, and the names of all team members. As a supporting resource, visit the APA Documentation Style library site.

from classmates 

as Kimberly mentioned, there are 24 pages for The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution regarding the presentation. Therefore, we can divide it and make sides from each of the sections. I have chosen the first eight pages 143-150. I have already started working on developing the content for those slides which Kimberly will present. 

writer please

Please decide which sections of the literature you will use to build your content

please review notes also, i’ve attached to documents. Below is the link to access the documents: