Suppose Phi Z60 Maps To Z60 Is Anautomorphism Such That Phi 170 29 Find A Formul

Suppose phi:Z60 maps to Z60 is anautomorphism such that phi(170=29 find a formula for phi(x)2 suppose that G is a group of order 90. what are all the possible orders of subgroups of G(b) Now ‘ instead, let G be a group of order 77, and let a and b be non identity elements in G of differnt orders Prove that the only sugroup that contains a and b is G itself(3)Suppose that phi is an isomorphism from Z3(+)Z5 to Z15 and that phi(2,30)=2 find the element in Z3(+)Z5 that maps to 1(b)Is Z10(+)Z12(+)Z6 Isomrophic to Z60(+)Z6(+)Z2? Justify your answer thruoghly

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