System Is Composed Of Four Processes P1 P2 P3p4 Two

A system is composed of four processes, {P1, P2, P3, P4}, two types of serially reusable resources, {S1, S2}, and two types of consumable resources, {C1, C2}. S1 has two units and S2 has three units. C1 and C2 each have one available unit.

a. P1 produces C1 and is requesting two units of S2.

b. P2 holds two units of S1 and one unit of S2 while it requests two units of C2.

c. P3 holds one unit o S2 and requests one unit of C1.

d. P4 produces C2 and requests one init each of C1 and S1.

Show the general resource graph to represent this system state. Which, if any, of the processes are deadlocked in this state?

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