Table 128 On The Textbooks Web Site Gives Data On

Table 12.8 (on the textbook’s Web site) gives data on the dependent variable, the final grade on the intermediate macroeconomics examination (V), such that V = 1 if the final grade is an A and V = 0 if the final grade is a B or C, and explanatory variables GPA = the entering grade-point average, TUCE = the score on an examination given at the beginning of the term to test macroeconomics knowledge of entering students, and PSI = 1 if the new method of personalized system of instructions is used and 0 if otherwise. These data pertain to 32 students. The primary objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of PSI on the final grade.
a. Estimate a linear probability model for the data given in Table 12-8.
b. Using any computer software package (e.g., MINITAB, EViews, SHAZAM, etc.), estimate a logit model for the same data.
c. Compare and comment on the results obtained in parts (a) and (b).

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