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TITLE: NAEYC’s position on Teacher-Guided play

Developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) is the term used by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to describe programs grounded in child development theory and research that are designed to meet the developmental needs of children (Copple & Bredekamp, 2009). The NAEYC’s most recent publication and the organization’s position statement, Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs: Serving Children From Birth Through Age 8, places greater emphasis on the centrality of play in development and learning. Copple and Bredekamp explain that this most recent position statement reflects current knowledge from research and a recognition of the importance of the broader social context, including the context of children’s lives. The 2009 statement reflects one of the core values of early childhood educators: recognition that childhood is both a time for learning and for “laughter, love, play, and great fun” (p. x).

The Assignment
Explain how the NAEYC’s position on developmentally appropriate practice relates to teacher- guided play. Observe a child with special needs at play in an early childhood setting. Write a 3 paragraph (5-7 sentences per paragraph) on what you saw and how what you saw happening between teachers and children relate to NAEYC’s stance on DAP teacher guided play.Use your text book pages 19-23 and attached NAEYC guide pages 3 and 4.Try telling me what you saw happening during play in first paragraph, how does this or doesn’t this relate to NAEYC’s position in second paragraph and than your opinions and comments in the third paragraph.

I suggest you call Dorothy Spainhour today and ask for a time to come in and do an observation of play 910-483-7283.  This would be the most suitable place to see children with special needs in action with high quality teachers.

Grading Criteria

The assignment is worth 100 points.

First Paragraph with 5-7 sentences of a description of your observation- 30 points 

Second Paragraph with 5-7 sentences of the observations relationship to NAEYC’s position on teacher guided play – 25 points

Third Paragraph of your opinions on teacher guided play and NAEYC’s position – 25 points

 Grammar and spelling errors- 20 points