Technology portfolio | EDUC 636 – Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School | Liberty University

I need the following portfolio completed.

I have attached the sample example, the grading rubric, the assignment instructions, and the official document with the 10 technologies that I want the assignment written on.


For this assignment, you will identify forms and applications of technology for use in an
elementary school social studies classroom. You will be required to describe the general
applications of these technologies, specific applied activities in the general social studies arena,
and provide an evaluation.You will develop a portfolio of technologies that could be used in an
elementary school social studies classroom, identifying general uses, aligned appropriate national
social studies standards, potential activities, and good and bad points to that technology’s use.
1. Select ten technologies (defined below) that can be used in an educational setting
environment for each of the categories listed below. Note: you are not restricted to
include only educational or instructional technologies. You may critically explore any
technology that might have a pedagogical use. Select technologies representing:
a. Hardware devices
b. Business/productivity software (i.e., Microsoft Office)
c. Web-based technologies (delivered via the Internet)
d. Multimedia software (audio, video, graphical)
e. Games/entertainment
2. Review each technology, answering the following questions (best recorded in a word-
processing program like Microsoft Word as a multi-page document):
a. What are the general functions and purposes of this technology?  Describe in 1-2
b. What types of social studies objectives/ goals could be met by this technology and
how? Relate to one or more NCSS main themes.
c. In your opinion, what are the good and bad points of using this technology in a
pedagogical setting? Consider this a risk analysis.

No plagiarism, and need done by tomorrow (11/7/2021) before 11:00 PM Eastern time.