The better lawn company manufactures two types of lawn trimmers: an

The Better Lawn Company manufactures two types of lawn trimmers: an electric model and a gas model.  The company has contracted to supply a national discount retail chain with a total of 30,000 electric trimmers and 15,000 gas trimmers.  However, Better Lawn’s’s production capability is limited in three departments: production, assembly, and packaging.  The following table summarizes the hours of processing time available and the processing time required by each department, for both types of trimmers.

                          Electric    Gas      Hours Available     

Production            0.2       0.4              10,000   

Assembly              0.3       0.5             15,000   

Packagin               0.1       0.1               5,000   

The company makes its electric trimmer in-house for $55 and its gas trimmer for $85.  Alternatively, it can buy electric and gas trimmers from another source for $67 and $95 respectively.  How many gas and electric trimmers should Better Lawn make and how many should it buy from its competitors in order to fulfill its contract in the least costly manner?


Part a) For the application described above, develop a complete LP model below, with   decision variables, objective function and constraints.   

Part b) Proceed to create a spreadsheet model   

Part c) Solve the LP for the optimal solution