The case of the belated lab test, part 1

Based on this unit’s readings and the online presentations, analyze the “Case of the Belated Lab Test” using the 4-step model described in Chapter 2 and Part I of this unit’s online presentation. You will be creating the first steps of a performance improvement plan for this case study.

  • The case is included below. The case study already describes the current flow of activities, so it may be helpful to make a list of the steps and who takes them. OPTIONAL: you can earn extra credit for including a flow chart of the steps, but the flow chart is not mandatory.
  • Introduction: Introduce what your analysis will include and what topics you will cover. Include a preview of your findings of performance opportunities.
  • Body: Be sure to address all of the following elements:
    • Create a brief description of the performance measures that are involved in this problem: Distinguish whether they are systems measures, process measures, or outcome measures? This is your “problem statement”.
    • Identify any internal and external customers that this situation affects.
    • Evaluate how satisfied each customer is with the current performance:
    • Construct a plan for how you would measure each customer’s expectations and whether they are satisfied with the current performance. Examine each customer’s requirements for the performance measure: what is each customer expecting? Describe at least two types of tools that you would use to determine their expectations and measure their satisfaction.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your findings and conclude with a list of performance opportunities that will need to be addressed by future work teams.
  • Your paper should be in APA style, with a minimum of three pages excluding cover and reference pages.
  • Optional: You may want to add a flow chart of steps described the case study process.
  • Include your textbook and any other references in proper APA style.