The toll booth | Computer Science homework help

The number of vehicles which are passing through the toll booth requires the use of an 

automated system to keep track of the revenues which are being observed daily. Your 

assignment is to simulate the traffic through a single booth and to record the revenues collected.

There are 3 categories of vehicles which travel through the booth represented by the vehicle 

code: 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The fee charged – varies daily based on the exchange rate, as such a 

rate sheet is to be used to identify the fees for vehicles within each category.

You and your classmates are required to flesh out a solution by using flowcharts and 



A. A classmate has rightly suggested the use of a loop to process the vehicles. Describe the 

THREE (3) types of loop structures at your disposal and provide a rationale for the ONE 

(1) you will use to solve the problem. (4 marks)

B. What other control structure is going to be essential in generating a solution and why? 

 (2 marks)

C. How would you appropriately represent the rate sheet as described, given your knowledge 

of storage elements? Provide a diagram to explain your answer. (4 marks)

D. Construct a flowchart that will solve the problem described. (5 marks)

E. Convert your flowchart into an appropriate pseudocode. (5 marks)