There is no relationship between fair skin and attraction among young



Students will complete a research paper on a topic pertinent to Social Psychology. APA format. Select a minimum of three research articles from peer-reviewed journals related to the topic, describe the topic, theories, methods, findings in the three papers, analyze ethical implications to everyday life, and interpersonal relations. Finally, develop a hypothesis that is relevant for future research related to the topic. Submit a written document with current findings and a new hypothesis and the hypothesis should be related to United Arab Emirates (UAE). (1500 words minimum )


1. Write an introduction about the topic in social psychology you have chosen and Why did you choose that topic (200 to 250 words )
2. SELECT THREE PEER reviewed RESEARCH ARTICLES and Describe the theories, research, and methods and experiments which are interesting explained there. the methodology used and findings – 200 words each article description ( 600 words)
3. Discussion of the same and What are the ethical implication of that topic in daily life and interpersonal relations (500 words)
4. Develop a hypothesis to make a new study in that area
5. Conclusion (150 words)
6. Referencing and APA style and grammar check

Topics –examples
Persuasion and its impact on life and relationships
stereotypes and social judgments is a necessary evil to make quick judgments
Deindividuation in groups and strategies to overcome that
Conflict management …………………………..
Attraction and relationships among young adults

Example of a hypothesis-
There is no relationship between fair skin and attraction among young adults in the UAE
Submissive people make judgments based on groupthink during …….

The attachments include the rubrics and requirements