Unit Ii 3

You are the Fire Prevention and Inspection Officer for your community. You have recently completed a required quarterly inspection of all seven nursing homes in the community. Six of the seven have passed their quarterly inspections without any violations. The seventh, however, is found to have the following five violations: 

  1. blocked fire exits,
  2. stairwells used for evacuation being used as storage of spare beds and mattresses,
  3. automatic dry-chemical fire extinguishment system in kitchen is empty after being “accidentally” discharged two months earlier,
  4. inadequate portable hand-held fire extinguishers in the dining room, and
  5. lint filters/collectors in the laundry room dryers are packed with flammable lint.

Discuss your course of action to be taken in order to remedy these violations. Cite your local and state fire protection regulations and rules applicable to all violations. 

250 words 

citied in apa format 

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