Unit vi discussion board production

The needs of every facility may include the location of a facility, the production expectation of a facility, and the local needs of employees. Several factors impact these needs.



1, Select four of the following factors below that could impact the facility needs of a plant undergoing evaluation of their production management processes. Discuss how your four selected factors could impact the production management of the organization.



1. Proximity to customers


2. Business climate


3. Total cost of facility


4. Quality of Infrastructure


5. Political risks


6. Government barrier/regulation


7. suppliers


8. Quality of labor


9. Environmental regulation


10. Competitive advantage



Substantiate your all your comments and responses. Avoid the use of Wisegeek, NetMba, Wikipedia, excessive use of dictionaries and encyclopedias, and sources of that nature, which are not considered reputable sources, when substantiating your comments and responses.