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DUE TOMORROW BY 9PM. Can you help? The course Is Designing Clinical Research We have to use the article , “TheDevelopmentandPsychometricPropertiesofthe HumanitarianEmergencySettingsPerceivedNeeds (HESPER)ScaleMaya Semrau, MSc, Mark van Ommeren, PhD, Monica Blagescu, MA, Andre Griekspoor, MD, MPH, Louise M. Howard, PhD, Mark Jordans, PhD, Heidi Lempp, PhD, Anita Marini, PhD, Jon Pedersen, MA, Isabelle Pilotte, MSc, Mike Slade, PhD, and Graham Thornicroft, PhD

In: October 2012, Vol 102, No. 10 | American Journal of Public Health Semrau et al. | Peer Reviewed | Research and Practice | e55

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