Week 3 project submit the completed excel workbook

Submit the completed Excel Workbook

For the week 3 graded project, you will be completing the Case 6: Mohopo Collections Inc. workbook from our text (14th edition),  (Assignments 1 and 2 on pages 111-117).  This is a Microsoft Excel case study. Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application included in all versions of the Microsoft Office suite of applications including Office for Macs.

There is a starting data file along with some additional notes on the formulas required to derive the results available for your use in the week 3 tutorial project link. Note that the starting data file is just a starting point and is not the completed workbook. The project will be graded as follows:

10% – Worksheet Formatting 

20% – Data Entry

50% – Calculations/Formulas

20% – Scenario Summary using Scenario Manager 

It is very important that you first read all of case 6 and then follow along to complete the workbook.