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Consider Queen Latifah’s Be Yourself strategies to give Cheryl advice on how to build her confidence.

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is your coworker at TelCom, a large cable and internet company. You’ve both worked there for the past two years. Cheryl started out part-time in the collections department and is now a full-time customer service representative. Despite the occasional rude or angry comment from customers, Cheryl genuinely likes helping solve the customers’ problems. 

While her manager praises her for her patience and efficiency on calls, Cheryl has yet to earn the monthly sales bonus for selling customers additional services. This includes things like converting a service call into a service upgrade. Cheryl wants to earn more money and maybe move up in the company, but she feels uncomfortable and phony reciting the sales script. Whenever a customer tells Cheryl that they’re not interested in adding a premium channel or increasing their internet speed, she feels embarrassed that she even asked. She doesn’t feel confident that she can persuade enough customers to upgrade their television or internet package to ever earn the bonus. She also worries that if she doesn’t increase her sales soon, she will not be able to advance in the company and may even be fired. 

Cheryl knows you’re taking this course and comes to you for advice on how she can build up her confidence at work. For this assignment, you’ll use four of Queen Latifah’s confidence-building strategies to help Cheryl cultivate more confidence at her job.

Now, for the first part of your assignment, review Queen Latifah’s second Law of Confidence below. Then use the writing template to offer advice to Cheryl to help her cultivate her confidence at work.

Be Yourself 

In this chapter, you learned how to use emotional self-awareness to build your confidence. Consider what you’ve learned about Queen Latifah’s Be Yourself strategies to give Cheryl advice. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get started:

How can Cheryl learn to be more authentic with her customers? 

How might Cheryl embrace her uniqueness working with others? 

What are some ways Cheryl can let go of her need for external validation? 

How will using the Be Yourself strategy help Cheryl build her confidence at work?


Write a paragraph to provide advice for Cheryl.


Give an example of how Cheryl can use a strategy from Queen Latifah’s second Law of Confidence—Be Yourself—to help her build her confidence at work.