You Take Child For Walks Around The Neighborhood

You take a child for walks around the neighborhood. She loves to listen to echoes from houses when she shouts or when you clap loudly. A house with a large flat front wall can produce an echo if you stand straight in front of it and reasonably far away. Draw a bird’s-eye view of the situation to explain the production of the echo. Shade in the area where you can stand to hear the echo. What If? The child helps you to discover that a house with an L-shaped floor plan can produce echoes if you are standing in a wider range of locations. You can be standing at any reasonably distant location from which you can see the inside corner. Explain the echo in this case and draw another diagram for comparison. What If ? What if the two wings of the house are not perpendicular? Will you and the child, standing close together, hear echoes? What If ? What if a rectangular house and its garage have a breezeway between them, so that their perpendicular walls do not meet in an inside corner? Will this structure produce strong echoes for people in a wide range of locations? Explain your answers with diagrams.

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