Younger Workers Who Grew Up With Digital Technology Are Spearheading

Younger workers who grew up with digital technology are spearheading a new trend in business. They are bringing their tech savvy to the table, and, as a result, wikis, blogs, and other new communication channels are being used in the workplace to manage projects and exchange information. When writing a team paper, for example, you could share graphics and other data along with report drafts or the articles you found.
If you would like to try collaborating online, you can set up a free wiki virtually in seconds. Two very popular free sites are Google Sites ( and Wikispaces ( At Wikispaces be sure to select Wikis for Individuals and Groups or you will be charged for premium membership.
As you register, you can select a variety of features-for example, to make your wiki accessible to anyone or only to invitees whom you choose. Templates and intuitive menus make creating a wiki really simple and easy.
Whether you create a wiki to share common interests online with friends or whether you use it to collaborate on a team project, becoming an experienced user of wikis will prepare you for the workplace. Visit either Google Sites or Wikispaces and set up a wiki for yourself and your team. Be sure to invite your instructor as well, so that he or she can observe your online collaboration.

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