Your Firms Client Vision Corp Vision Owns Numerous Luxury Hotels

Your firm’s client, Vision Corp. (“Vision”), owns numerous luxury hotels in the western region of the United States. These hotels have lushly landscaped gardens, gift and retail shops, golf courses, restaurants that feature upscale cuisine, swimming pools, tot lots with games and rides for children, and other features common to upscale hotels. The most luxurious hotels are named “V” and hotels that are slightly less luxurious operate under the name “Vision Court.” Television commercials that advertise the hotels feature a cartoon-type spokesman, called “Vee,” who routinely repeats the company’s signature slogan, “Make your vacation your own Vision Quest.” The hotels sell a variety of souvenirs in their gift shops, including cookbooks featuring recipes from the hotel restaurants, originally designed jewelry, key chains, and coffee mugs, all of which display the company’s logo, a large “V” with eagles’ wings inside a circle. Due to the success of the hotels, Vision is considering building hotels along the eastern seaboard and is conducting confidential market and customer surveys to determine the level of interest in such hotels.

Activities. Identify the trademarks, copyrights, patentable matter, and trade secrets Vision might own.

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