Your Next Task Is To Consider How Marketing Research Can

Your next task is to consider how marketing research can help Sonic support its marketing strategy. Jane Melody also asks you how Sonic can measure results after the marketing plan is implemented. She wants you to answer the following three questions.
• What surveys, focus groups, observation, behavioral data, or experiments will Sonic need to support its marketing strategy? Be specific about the questions or issues that Sonic needs to resolve using marketing research.
• Where can you find suitable secondary data about total demand for smart phones over the next two years? Identify at least two sources (online or offline), describe what you plan to draw from each source, and indicate how the data would be useful for Sonic’s marketing planning.
• Recommend three specific marketing metrics for Sonic to apply in determining marketing effectiveness and efficiency.
Enter this information in the marketing plan you’ve been writing or use the Marketing Plan Pro software to document your responses.

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