Your Task Will Be Easier If You Coordinate Your Work

Your task will be easier if you coordinate your work with SharePoint, Office 365, Google Docs with Google+, or equivalent collaboration tools. (See Chapter 9 for a discussion of collaboration tools and processes.) Your answers should reflect the thinking of the entire group, not just that of one or two individuals.
The purpose of this exercise is to compute the cost of class registration. To do so, we will consider both class registration processes as well as information systems that support them.
1. Class registration processes:
a. List as many processes involved in class registration as you can. Consider class registration from the standpoint of students, faculty, departments, and the university. Consider resources such as classrooms, classroom sizes, and requirements for special facilities such as audiovisual equipment, labs, and similar needs. Also consider the need for departments to ensure that classes are offered in such a manner that students can complete a major within a 4- or 5-year time period. For this exercise, ignore graduate schools.
Interview, if possible, two or three actors in each role to determine the time they spend in that role per term
b. For each process, identify human actors. Estimate the number of hours each actor spends in the roles that he or she plays per enrollment period.
c. Estimate the labor cost of the processes involved in class registration. Assume the fully burdened (wages plus benefits plus applicable taxes) hourly rate of clerical staff is $50 per hour and professorial staff is $80 per hour.
Determine the number of departments involved in registration and estimate the number of clerical and professional actors involved in each. Use averages, but realize that some departments are much larger than others.

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