Youre Responsible For Researching And Analyzing The Consumer Market For

You’re responsible for researching and analyzing the consumer market for Sonic’s smart phone product. Look again at the data you’ve already entered about the company’s current situation and macroenvironment, especially the market being targeted. Now answer these questions about the market and buyer behavior.
• What cultural, social, and personal factors are likely to most influence consumer purchasing of smart phones? What research tools would help you better understand the effect on buyer attitudes and behavior?
• Which aspects of consumer behavior should Sonic’s marketing plan emphasize and why?
• What marketing activities should Sonic plan to coincide with each stage of the consumer buying process?
After you’ve analyzed these aspects of consumer behavior, consider the implications for Sonic’s marketing efforts to support the launch of its smart phone. Finally, document your findings and conclusions in a written marketing plan or with Marketing Plan Pro.

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