Youve Been Learning More About The Business Market For Sonics

You’ve been learning more about the business market for Sonic’s smart phone. Jane Melody has defined this market as mid- to large-sized corporations that want their employees to stay in touch and be able to input or access data from any location. Respond to the following three questions based on your knowledge of Sonic’s current situation and business-to-business marketing.
• What types of businesses appear to fit Melody’s market definition? How can you research the number of employees and find other data about these types of businesses?
• What type of purchase would a Sonic smart phone represent for these businesses? Who would participate in and influence this type of purchase?
• Would demand for smart phones among corporate buyers tend to be inelastic? What are the implications for Sonic’s marketing plan?
Your answers to these questions will affect how Sonic plans marketing activities for the business segments to be targeted. Take a few minutes to note your ideas in a written marketing plan or using Marketing Plan Pro.

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