Zippy Cola Is A Multinational Soft Drink Manufacturer The Australian

Zippy Cola is a multinational soft drink manufacturer. The Australian plant, located at Deveton in Victoria is currently attempting to improve its performance through benchmarking activities. The best-performing plant in the Zippy Cola group is located in Seattle in the USA. The general manager of the Doveton plant has approved a bench-marking visit to the Seattle plant by a team of employees. The bench marking team consists of the manufacturing manager, two manufacturing team leaders, a member of a third manufacturing team and the plants human resources manager. The functions that the benchmarking team has identified for study include employment contracts, the operation of self-managed teams in manufacturing and the processes that have resulted in high safety performance and short cycle times at the Seattle plant.
1. What type of benchmarking is the Doveton plant planning to undertake?
2. Explain the advantages and limitations of this form of benchmarking.
3. What are the advantages of forming a multidisciplinary benchmarking team similar to the one used b the Doveton plant?

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